Weight Control Strategies for Vacation. Part 2

Camping can offer more challenges, since the food is selected for convenience and storage. Here again, you still could buy lower-fat hot dogs, turkey bacon and hamburgers, pretzels instead of chips, and dried fruit in addition to candy.

Of course you will enjoy foods that are traditional to the fun of your vacation: ice cream at the sweet shop, funnel cake on the boardwalk, or those great crab cakes at the seafood restaurant. The key is to do this kind of eating a few times on your vacation, not every day!

Alcohol is also a big part of vacation for many people. It certainly can pack on the calories and increase the appetite. Try to balance this indulgence with a more active day. Quench your thirst with water; alcohol is dehydrating. Consider having a noncaloric beverage between each beer or drink to pace yourself.

Exercise can save you from tipping the scale. Take your exercise clothes and bathing suit, and make your day active. Hiking, biking, swimming, walking and tennis can burn lots of calories, make you feel fit, and help get rid of last night?s indulgences. If you spend a fair portion of your vacation traveling in the car, plan a brisk walk regularly. One family always hiked for an hour as soon as they parked the RV, then came back to camp refreshed and ready to unpack for the evening.

Some dieters try to buckle down and lose a few pounds before vacation, to make up for weight gain on the trip. Do not be stoic about food on vacation — you have waited a long time to have this fun — if you come back a few pounds heavier, you will deal with it. Dieters who are too strict often come back thinner, but then experience the “rebound effect.” The next week back to work, they eat poorly, disgruntled that they did not eat favorite foods on vacation.

Plan strategies to deal with excessive eating on vacation, and stay active. Try not to let food be your main form of recreation and relaxation on vacation. Keep your goals in mind, but be sure to have fun!

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