Weight Control Strategies for Vacation. Part 1

As you look forward to vacation, do you dread the consequences on the scale? Vacation is certainly a respite from your usual work routine and environment, but do not abandon your healthy eating and exercise habits. Here are some tips to keep your weight in check while having a fun vacation!

Many vacations start out with a long car ride. Take a cooler and pack it with diet drinks, water, fruit, sandwiches or even a picnic lunch. Do not confine yourself in a car loaded with cookies, candy, chips and sugary drinks. Consider stopping at a park, unloading the kids and food, and moving around during your meal break. The more you can avoid the fast-food drive-through, the better.

When you stop for a restaurant meal, choose a place that offers more food choices than fried foods and shakes. A good sign is a restaurant in which you can actually order a vegetable or salad with your meal. If your vacation itinerary includes eating out for most of your meals, you need to plan carefully. Some successful dieters deliberately eat light for two meals so they can enjoy a “treat” meal.

Remember that restaurants “supersize” the portions. Check other diners? plates to get an idea of the amount of food served. Consider splitting meals with family — which saves calories and money. How often have the kids left half their meal because they ordered too much? Resist helping them finish their fries — guide them to order less or share.

If your vacation involves staying in a beach house or cabin, you can have much better control over meals. The family and guests need to share the kitchen chores, so mom can enjoy her vacation also. Have a meal-planning discussion, decide how often you will eat out, and then head to the grocery store to stock up. Minimize the junk food, but do not put everyone on “diet.” As long as you have healthy options to balance the less healthy choices, everyone should be satisfied.

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