Top Ten Reasons that Cyclists Get Massage

If you are a male cyclist, one of best reasons to get a massage is to justify the fact that you are a guy who shaves your legs! (Actually massage really is one of the reasons the pros DO shave! The other reason is to prevent infections if a crash occurs!) The guys at the office may understand a bit better if you tell them your massage therapist demands hairless workspace!

All the pros do it … the massage and cycling connection actually began in the early stage racing days in Europe. Cyclists discovered that they recovered faster and performed better on consecutive racing days when massage was a part of their daily schedule. Simply speaking, massage aids recovery and cuts down on the time that lactic acid sits around in the muscles making them heavy. This makes massage appropriate after a hard ride or race. Massage is best scheduled early in you training week.

Massage is an excuse (maybe the only one) to use that scented oil that sits in the bathroom cupboard.

It’s the best excuse for a nap besides saying you’re taking a nap.

This is the only time you can ever get away with playing that CD you have with the birds chirping and the waterfalls flowing.

Massage guarantees that someone will actually touch your feet without cringing!

It’s perfectly legal and acceptable in all states for your butt to be massaged! Ahhhhhhhhh…..

Ask for your hands to be massaged! You’ll feel a little bit of heaven.

You need to take better care of yourself! One hour of relaxation (or torture if you get the deep stuff) isn’t that much!

The best reason to get a massage is for the pure enjoyment of it all.

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