The Gym Downtown. Part 2

Other special features of the fitness center are complimentary Aveda products in the locker rooms, plus workout and shower towels. Members can also take advantage of therapeutic and deep massage after a long workout, anda complimentary personal training session with membership.

Two managers run the facility, in addition to personal trainers, floor trainers, front desk staff, full-time janitorial staffand group exercise instructors. These professionals hold certifications from ACE, ACSM, AFPA and the Cooper Institute, and many hold B.S. degrees in nutrition or commercial recreation.

One unique feature of The Gym Downtown, according to Lee, is that it offers individual, customized membership plans to fit anyone’s budget and schedule. This is an important aspect of the facility, since it is marketed to busy professionals and, especially, busy women.

Lee attributes the success of The Gym’s first year to “the friendliness of the staff…. Once you enter, you will instantly become attached.” Lee recommends to other new fitness centers to “get your name out there from the beginning, and tocater to your members at all costs.”

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