That is so Cool!

Silas suggested, “We’re going to go around and say what we’d be doing on this Saturday morning in the real world.”

Linda: First thing Saturday morning, I get up, get stuff with the kids. I go to the gym and I take a double class. I take my 9 o’clock Body Pump and 10 o’clock spin class. And get home, about 11:15 or so and then I’m ready to start the day with the kids. But they know Saturday morning is my time.

Silas: Nice. Frankfort?

Frank: Oh 5:30, would’ve been up. The house would’ve been dark, made the coffee. Walked out naked and got the newspaper, read it. Little Sage Hunter would have been yelling, “Daddy.” We’d have had cereal. And Jocelyn, got them dressed, would have went in to momma even though she’s 3 months pregnant and said, “Your breakfast is ready, Time to get up. It’s like 7.”

To let them have some morning time, I went out, watered everything – blueberries, trees – ’cause you water first thing in the morning so they don’t rot at night. Probably, if I wouldn’t have went to work, they wouldn’t have called me in.

I’d be brush hogging, doing something. That would have been the morning by now.

(Wait a minute. I must comment. There’s so much information here other than a typical Saturday morning routine. First of all, I honestly had no idea that blueberries and trees would to at night if you don’t water them first thing in the morning.

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