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Bringing Wellness to Life. Part 4

This approach works well and opens the door to the program’s sponsoring club to create new relationships with employers who may be interested in investigating the level of success that their corporation has experienced with its currently contracted club, based on what they were promised by the club while they were negotiating the corporate memberships. It is usually a miserable conclusion. Read more

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Bringing Wellness to Life. Part 2

The fitness business will always attract people who want to exercise, and there is no reason to forego that market in favor of the markets that need to exercise. A facility simply needs to retool their philosophy and evaluate their current equipment and program offerings to be sure that they are reaching these other markets. Read more

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Bringing Wellness to Life. Part 1

As the deconditioned, aging and corporate populations move closer to center stage in our industry, the time has come for many facility owner/operators to pause and reflect on their mission statement, as well as their target audience. Read more

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