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New Information About Cold Sores and Herpes

Recent studies have shown an interesting development in herpes infection. HSV-2, which typically causes genital sores, is being seen more frequently around the mouth. HSV-1, which typically causes facial cold sores, is being found more frequently in the genital area. Read more

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Immunologic Therapies

Since asthma involves an immune response that causes inflammation in the bronchial tubes, it makes sense that asthma might be improved by treating the body’s immune system. Treatment aimed at the immune system is known as immunotherapy. Read more

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Group Treatment Advantages and Disadvantages


Support from others with similar problems
Individuals may feel alone in their struggle
Lower cost
Flexibility in scheduling
Motivation and interaction

Less flexibility in scheduling
Less flexibility in arranging the order of an individual’s problems and/or goals
Lack of availability in rural areas and small towns
The “bad apple” effect
Individuals may not be as open as in an individual setting Read more

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Homeopathy Renewed Post 4

Little: Homeopathy specialises in the art of the individualised constitutional treatment while ST promotes routinism based on specific remedies in a mechanistic manner.

Alternative version: Traditional homeopathy specialises in the art of the indvidualised constitutional (symptomological?) treatment while ST specialises in the art of the individualised causal treatment. Read more

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