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Change and Challenge. Part 4


More than ever, clubs are beginning to address attrition issues through increased use of technology. A growing number of clubs are using computers to check members in, as well as to increase their marketing efforts by tracking items such as the time of day members use the facility, or types of services used most. Read more

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Change and Challenge. Part 1

s much as the fitness industry continues to evolve, the major problems seem to remain the same. While this may be discouraging to some, those who run their businesses successfully know that it’s the approach to those problems that matters. As we settle into the New Year, the industry finds itself grappling with the same challenge it has for years — keeping members from walking out the door. Read more

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Scan your database, copy options

One of the most useful but often underrated technology tools for a home office is a scanner. Scanners take images or text from a printed page and convert it into a computer file. You can then work on these files using your personal computer.

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