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Tools for Market Strategy, Part 2

Competitive advantage

The Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM) identifies a firm’s major competitors, and their particular strengths and weaknesses in relation to the competition’s strategic position.1 The weights and total weighted scores in the CPM, IFE and EFE have the same meaning (the weights still must add up to 1.0); however, the factors are much broader. The specific factors for comparison between clubs are your choice, but should be widely used within the fitness industry (Table 3). Read more

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Tools for Market Strategy, Part 1

It is nearing the end of 1998 and Susan Smith, general manager of Sample Fitness Club, worries about her club’s future. She knows that ABC Fitness will open across the street in January. This club will be much newer and larger than hers, and they will have exercise programs targeted toward the senior center clientele. She knows her club provides a wide variety of exercise classes, but not all of her staff can teach, nor do they offer any classes for, seniors. She has always prided herself on being a small, family-oriented club, but that may not be enough to keep her members. Read more

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Sensible Eating in a Tempting World, Part 1

One of Americans’ greatest pleasures is eating out. If you are on a diet to lose weight, or watch your cholesterol, or simply strive for the healthiest choices wherever you eat, here is a guide for dining out and still enjoying the experience. Read more

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