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Sticking with an Exercise Program, Part 1

The benefits of exercise have been well documented over the years. Exercise can help improve your mood, strengthen your heart, increase deep sleep, control your weight, make your body more efficient and boost your self-confidence, to name a few. With all of this information out there on the pros of exercise, why don’t more people engage in physical activity? Read more

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Club’s Solution, Part 2

Boot Camp. This class had a military theme, from the camouflage decorations and outfits, to music from the Village People (“In The Navy”). Nets, Army duffel bags and Army rations decorated the room, and promotional signage throughout the club read, “We Want YOU to come to the Tag Team class,” and depicted a large finger pointing. “We held this class around Memorial Day, tying in the patriotic feel and USA spirit,” says Corbett. Read more

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IHRSA Unite to Recognize Industry Innovation and Growth

It can be said that the more bananas there are in the bunch, the harder it is to create unity. In the past couple of decades, our industry has grown to include a whole bunch of bananas, comprised of organizations, associations and individuals all working toward a common cause,yet all separate in their efforts. Read more

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Stretching Performance

You might say that flexibility is the step-child of fitness. While it is one of the three basic fitness components, it is overlooked by recreational and competitive athletes alike. Most club members do not have to be convinced of the importance of strength training or cardiovascular exercise, but many must continually be reminded of the need to stretch their muscles before and after exercise. Read more

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Do It Yourself Massage 1

Step One: Why Massage Works
Say goodbye to those aches and pains with these 10 feel-good moves. No equipment or cash required!

Whether it’s running, cycling, skating, hiking, or (you fill in the blank) that gets you sweaty, chances are you and every other active person on the planet have one thing in common: muscle pain, and plenty of it.

Read more

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