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Crossing the Threshold of Menopause, Part 1

The long, hot summer afternoons remind me of the first hot flashes I had. It took me many a hot-afternoon meeting, and middle-of-the-night inner fire before I realized what was happening to me: “Not me! I’m too young!” Those thoughts kept recurring in my mind. Read more

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Symptoms of Fibroids

A majority of women with fibroids never experience any symptoms. It is only when their physician feels a fibroid manually during a pelvic exam that they learn of their existence. Symptoms do occur in 10 to 40 percent of patients. However, it is important to remember that not all symptoms are caused by fibroids, even if fibroids are known to be present. Read more

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Osteoporosis in Black Women

Q.I’m a 42-year-old black woman who entered menopause at a very early age. I just stopped hormone replacement therapy after eight years. Do I really need HRT? I hated the side effects and risks of taking it. I know of no black women who have osteoporosis. What is the incidence of osteoporosis in black women? Read more

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