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Change and Challenge. Part 4


More than ever, clubs are beginning to address attrition issues through increased use of technology. A growing number of clubs are using computers to check members in, as well as to increase their marketing efforts by tracking items such as the time of day members use the facility, or types of services used most. Read more

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Sensible Eating in a Tempting World, Part 2

Check out these suggestions for your favorite restaurants:

Restaurant Type Items to Beware Items to Select
fettucini Alfredo
lasagna Read more

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Trusting the Process on Mother’s Day Part 1

I stood outside on the street corner of Avenue Laval and Rue Ste. Jean-Baptiste. At that moment, it really hit me that I was in the Province of Quebec.

I was visiting my aunt Jeannine for the afternoon with my mother. Jeannine is mom’s sister. It had been only six months or so since I had last seen my aunt. We had a great visit that afternoon and a fine supper as well. There’s always food when I visit my relatives. Read more

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