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Question for the women out there

How many women out there like tight abs on a guy or a beer belly?
I hear from some of my friends that they dont like guys who work out alot. Is that true? Read more

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Sticking with an Exercise Program, Part 2

Environment. Pick an environment you enjoy. An upscale club, a gym, a track, your backyard or living room, again, it doesn’t matter. If you like being outdoors, then work out outside. If you’re a woman and feel you may be uncomfortable working out around men, you can consider a women’s only club. If you like a more “social” gym, find one with your type of crowd. The point is, don’t let the place you train be another excuse not to train. Read more

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HRT and Heart Attack

A new study showing that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) did not protect a group of post-menopausal women against heart attacks may cause unnecessary confusion for women taking hormones. The study, published in the October 1 Annals of Internal Medicine, was well done, but there were limitations in its design. But because most studies to date support the idea that HRT protects against heart disease, this study is an aberrant piece of a much larger puzzle. Read more

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In no way are the ideas, opinions, or methods discussed in these pages meant to take the place of or to be used instead of conventional medical practices and treatments. They are meant to be used as an educational tool, and as an adjunct along with regular medical care.

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