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Healthy Gift Ideas for Anyone

Make Hobbies and Habits Healthier
“Learning something new is a really cool thing, especially if you’re talking about a person who works 40 to 60 hours a week doing the same thing every day. These kinds of gifts are very motivating,” Morgan said.

To help motivate healthier eating, Adams suggests thinking creatively — for the Mexican food lover, buy a low-fat Mexican cookbook accompanied with a set of spices for those dishes. Or maybe a co-worker is a tea drinker who would love a nice teapot filled with bags of green tea, which research shows helps prevent heart disease, Adams says. Read more

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Health & Fitness Exchange, Part 2

The Campin’ P.W. program surpassed both the expectations of the Health & Fitness Exchange and participants. The new emphasis on family teamwork proved so popular that attendance was double the previous years’. Read more

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Motivation From Within

My daughter, who is 8, is not interested in her studies. The teacher says she is daydreaming in class, and I have to sit in front of her to make sure she completes her homework. I’ve tried to leave it to her, but she doesn’t seem to care. What do I do?

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