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Total Fitness for Surfing Part 3

However, paddling a surfboard differs from swimming in some fundamental ways. One difference is that the motion of paddling is altered by the presence of the board beneath you and its shape. Another way is that you are not immersed in the water as completely when paddling a board and are subject to wind resistance, which can either assist your paddling speed or retard it. Read more

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Working Out For Better or Worse

‘Do you take this person to be your wedded husband/wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, to love, honor and meet for regular workouts?’

Your wedding vows may not include these exact words, but a commitment to fitness may be just the thing that keeps you together through thick and thin.

Now more than ever, both partners are maintaining full-time careers. Couples barely have time for each other much less time to work out. So what are more and more couples doing to stay in shape and stay together? Read more

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