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Group Strength Training. Part 1

Confused about how to start a program at your facility? Take a look at these three facilities who are experiencing great group strength-training success. Read more

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Sticking with an Exercise Program, Part 1

The benefits of exercise have been well documented over the years. Exercise can help improve your mood, strengthen your heart, increase deep sleep, control your weight, make your body more efficient and boost your self-confidence, to name a few. With all of this information out there on the pros of exercise, why don’t more people engage in physical activity? Read more

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Bringing Wellness to Life. Part 2

The fitness business will always attract people who want to exercise, and there is no reason to forego that market in favor of the markets that need to exercise. A facility simply needs to retool their philosophy and evaluate their current equipment and program offerings to be sure that they are reaching these other markets. Read more

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Bruce’s Journal: Week Seven. Part 3

As far as the weight loss experience right after exercise, it is true that you will lose a lot of water. That’s why it is important that you properly rehydrate yourself after an intense bout of exercise. Water is the best beverage, of course. Drink more than you think you need. Read more

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Bruce’s Journal: Week Seven. Part 2

Hi Bruce,
Running really put you in a positive groove. It makes you feel good and energetic, and helps you resist the tempting, greasy, heavy food that is all around us. You’ve made excellent choices, from the Subway turkey sandwich to the Healthy Choice pizza and the chicken and rice dinner. Read more

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Bruce’s Journal: Week Seven. Part 1

I spent most of my week focused on running. I have always enjoyed the activity but for a great deal of last year, my knees were not up to it. But now, it seems like the most effective way to burn calories. And it seems to work. I ran about 30 miles last week and swam close to two. Read more

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Ken’s Journal: Week 5. Part 2

You started to count calories the week you were sick — you averaged about 1,000 calories a day. I guess that cold medicine really took away your appetite! I would rather you not regularly eat that little — your body will use up muscle mass as well as fat with that few calories. You could eat 1,600 to 1,800 calories and still lose weight if you exercise regularly. So, keep planning, counting and moving — and you will continue to be successful! Read more

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Club’s Solution, Part 2

Boot Camp. This class had a military theme, from the camouflage decorations and outfits, to music from the Village People (“In The Navy”). Nets, Army duffel bags and Army rations decorated the room, and promotional signage throughout the club read, “We Want YOU to come to the Tag Team class,” and depicted a large finger pointing. “We held this class around Memorial Day, tying in the patriotic feel and USA spirit,” says Corbett. Read more

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Getting the word out about new classes or your entire group exercise program is an important factor in keeping it well-attended. In addition to one or two schedule boards up in your facility, and fliers at the front desk, there are other ways to promote your classes. Read more

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A Dancer’s Stretch for the Hip Flexors

I have been watching a lot of television lately. I am held captive to federal election coverage in the United States and Canada, and developments in Israel and Palestine. Couple the time spent in front of the television with the time spent in front of my steering wheel for hours on end in eight-lane traffic and I have the perfect recipe for helping to avoid tight hip flexors and a shrinking posture.

Read more

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