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Crossing the Threshold of Menopause, Part 2

What you personally believe about menopause will influence your choices more than anything else. For many, menopause is nothing to fear. Do not see it as an “old-age” disease, or a failure of the body to do what it should. Approach it as a transition from childbearing years to wisdom-bearing years. Informed physicians know that 70% of women make this transition smoothly and make their choices intelligently. Read more

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Addiction, Part 2

Now and then the thought surfaces in the drinker’s awareness that he or she might have a psychiatric problem. Those around the drinker also can wonder if that is where the problem lies. He is a perfectionist at some times and a slob at others. Though occasionally cooperative, he is often a stone wall. Read more

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Alcohol Abuse Are You Among the Millions

It is estimated that 18 million Americans suffer from alcohol-related problems — more than all illegal drugs combined. To know if you belong in this group, examine the physical and psychological symptoms of alcohol abuse. Read more

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