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Total Fitness for Surfing Part 3

However, paddling a surfboard differs from swimming in some fundamental ways. One difference is that the motion of paddling is altered by the presence of the board beneath you and its shape. Another way is that you are not immersed in the water as completely when paddling a board and are subject to wind resistance, which can either assist your paddling speed or retard it. Read more

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Beginning an Exercise Program without Injury

When starting an exercise program the first thing you want to focus on is avoiding injury. Aerobic and strength training exercises offer a tremendous benefit to your health if performed properly. The goal is to get the most out of your exercise efforts without hurting yourself. Read more

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Question of the Week

Help. When my husband first met me I had a really tight butt. We have been apart for two months because of work. We will be together in another month and I have managed to work on the rest of my body to get somewhat in shape after my 10 month old was born, but I need to quickly work on my buns. Even though he loves me just the way I am, I would love to surprise him when he arrives. Can you help me find some daily exercises, maybe that I can do while working or on the bus commute etc. that will quickly get my but back into shape???

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