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Help. When my husband first met me I had a really tight butt. We have been apart for two months because of work. We will be together in another month and I have managed to work on the rest of my body to get somewhat in shape after my 10 month old was born, but I need to quickly work on my buns. Even though he loves me just the way I am, I would love to surprise him when he arrives. Can you help me find some daily exercises, maybe that I can do while working or on the bus commute etc. that will quickly get my but back into shape???

The best exercises for tight buns are squats and lunges. Unfortunately, you cannot do these on a bus or at work. Unless you have a large empty room where you can spread out in private or a workout gym that is nearby, you’ll need to do these at home.

The squat is done by placing your feet shoulder width apart and bending down in a squat, making sure your knees do not go over your toes. Do these slowly, going down and then raising up. For added strength, hold a bar or light weights while you squat. Increase weight as you progress. Do 12 repetitions of three sets every other day, for fast results.

Lunges are also excellent for shaping the buttocks. Position your legs shoulder width apart, soft knees (meaning not locked;) step first with the right leg, remaining in the bent knee position; hold the lunge; then step with the left leg. Make sure the knee does not go over the front toes.

Holding weights can throw you off balance at first so start without weights and slowly work up to light weights. Walk across the floor in a lunge position, using first one leg, then the other. Your body will raise up slightly as you change legs. Do a series of 12 repetitions of three sets. Remember to add weights as you get accustomed to balancing in the lunge position.

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