Preparing Your Nursery. Part 3

A changing table isn’t often a “must have,” but it is a nice thing! Changing tables are high enough so you don’t have to bend over, and often there are straps so the baby can’t fall off. You will find that babies get very wiggly when it comes time to change diapers!

Depending on what season your baby is born, you’ll want to stock up on lots of T-shirts and nighties. This is personal preference, of course, but I found I loved the sack nighties better than pj’s when my daughter was a newborn. She wore the nighties till she was almost six months old (she was born in summer). If you buy the nighties new, I think they are all made with elastic around the bottom now, or sewn up. If you get them used, please remember to cut the tie at the bottom as many babies have strangled on the ties.

I also found that I liked the T-shirts that had snaps down the front better than I did the type that went over her head. When she was very little I was semi-afraid of her, to be honest! I found it much easier to get them on, and she liked them better.

One last essential for the mom-to-be…. food! Yes, food! Before your last month, prepare some simple meals that can be frozen, and invest in some of the cheap, microwave safe/freezer safe storage containers. You can get them for a few dollars at the grocers.

By making ahead and freezing, your mate can pull them from the freezer and heat them up with little or no hassle. Remember, you’ll be up and down much more often at night once baby is born, and new moms may find this time a bit overwhelming. Pre planning food will be a BIG help later!

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