Preparing Your Nursery. Part 2


Another necessary will be bottles. Even if you plan to breastfeed, it will be nice to have some bottles handy in case you go out for the evening and want to save some breastmilk for a sitter to feed the baby. There are SO many kinds on the market now; it’s hard to know which is best! I found buying the cheaper bottles (under $1 each) and putting a better nipple on them worked better than buying the expensive bottles. My daughter had to be burped no matter WHICH bottles I used and never really seemed to have more or less gas, whether I used the “bags” or regular bottles.

Other Essentials

Some other essentials that will be handy to have when the baby comes home: Vaseline (TM), powder (I like the cornstarch baby powder), pins (even if not using cloth you’ll find diaper pins come in handy for a number of things), wipes (I like the unscented myself), and a bottle brush.


Now for some of the things that aren’t so necessary but really come in handy! Where will your baby sleep? I was uncomfortable having my baby in a crib in another room across the house. Even with a baby monitor I worried about her. I found my bassinet to be a blessing.

If you use a bassinet, a good tip is to use king size pillow cases for a sheet. It doesn’t come off as easily as the bassinet sheets do, and you can tuck in under so it’s nice and tight. I used receiving blankets over this to it made it softer, and I could just untuck the receiving blanket and throw it in the wash for minor spitups. The baby can stay in the bassinet till he or she starts rolling and trying to sit up… or about 3-6 months. By then, if you are like I was, you’ll be ready to put your babe in the crib! (I still insisted on the crib in my room for another six months though!)

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