Preparing Your Nursery. Part 1

About seven months into a pregnancy, the mother-to-be usually starts to panic. Does she have everything she needs in case the baby is early? First time moms are the most notorious for this! Most moms will start stocking up and setting up some time before the birth… it’s called “nesting.” And there are some essentials that are needed (or just nice to have) when the baby is born.


One of the first things you will need is diapers. To decide whether to go cloth or disposable is a personal choice. If you decide to go disposable I would encourage you to stock up before the baby is born. If someone asks what to get you, diapers are always a great gift! As long as they are unopened, most stores will allow a return/exchange if the baby outgrows them.

In the beginning, before the cord falls off, there are “newborn” diapers that are specially made to protect the cord from getting wet. I found that my daughter still swam in those diapers and the cord was covered anyway! It’s a personal choice as to whether you want to pay the extra cost for these diapers. It’s just as easy to fold down newborn diapers. And remember… the store brands are often just as good as the name brands and cheaper!

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