Color Therapy

Color therapy has been used for ages. Even in conventional medicine the color pattern in hospitals and doctors offices are often picked to soothe and calm. Read more

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Change and Challenge. Part 5

New programs

Clubs are beginning to focus more on providing the types of services that are in demand from a wider market, such as seniors and children, and moving away from the industry’s traditional approach of appealing to the “already interested.” Read more

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Change and Challenge. Part 4


More than ever, clubs are beginning to address attrition issues through increased use of technology. A growing number of clubs are using computers to check members in, as well as to increase their marketing efforts by tracking items such as the time of day members use the facility, or types of services used most. Read more

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Change and Challenge. Part 3


“This is an industry with a 40-percent attrition rate per year or higher,” says Michael Scott Scudder, veteran consultant and president of Fitness Focus, Woodstock, N.Y. Scudder says the key issue in addressing the customer retention issue, is training. Not only for customer retention, but for profitability in general, club managers are increasingly being called upon to conduct training for their staff members. Read more

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Change and Challenge. Part 2

Member services and programs

Buyer’s remorse may be combatted by stepping up services to new members. Clubs can build post-purchase reassurance by offering free personal training or fitness consulting within the first three months of a new membership. After clearing that first hurdle, however, customer service efforts should continue while staff determines member needs and expectations. Read more

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Change and Challenge. Part 1

s much as the fitness industry continues to evolve, the major problems seem to remain the same. While this may be discouraging to some, those who run their businesses successfully know that it’s the approach to those problems that matters. As we settle into the New Year, the industry finds itself grappling with the same challenge it has for years — keeping members from walking out the door. Read more

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Sticking with an Exercise Program, Part 2

Environment. Pick an environment you enjoy. An upscale club, a gym, a track, your backyard or living room, again, it doesn’t matter. If you like being outdoors, then work out outside. If you’re a woman and feel you may be uncomfortable working out around men, you can consider a women’s only club. If you like a more “social” gym, find one with your type of crowd. The point is, don’t let the place you train be another excuse not to train. Read more

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Sticking with an Exercise Program, Part 1

The benefits of exercise have been well documented over the years. Exercise can help improve your mood, strengthen your heart, increase deep sleep, control your weight, make your body more efficient and boost your self-confidence, to name a few. With all of this information out there on the pros of exercise, why don’t more people engage in physical activity? Read more

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Top Ten Reasons that Cyclists Get Massage

If you are a male cyclist, one of best reasons to get a massage is to justify the fact that you are a guy who shaves your legs! (Actually massage really is one of the reasons the pros DO shave! The other reason is to prevent infections if a crash occurs!) The guys at the office may understand a bit better if you tell them your massage therapist demands hairless workspace! Read more

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Bringing Wellness to Life. Part 4

This approach works well and opens the door to the program’s sponsoring club to create new relationships with employers who may be interested in investigating the level of success that their corporation has experienced with its currently contracted club, based on what they were promised by the club while they were negotiating the corporate memberships. It is usually a miserable conclusion. Read more

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