US Awards Smallpox Vaccine Contract

The US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) awarded on Wednesday a $428 million contract to Acambis Inc. of Cambridge, Massachusetts to supply the agency with 155 million doses of smallpox vaccine by the end of 2011. Read more

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Getting Started

What do I need?

What kind of thermometer?

You will need either a basal glass thermometer or any digital thermometer. The regular glass thermometers are difficult to read to the tenth of one degree that you need to notice changes in your basal temperature. While any digital thermometer will do, you can buy special basal digital thermometers. These are generally pink or purple in color and come with basal charts that you can photocopy if you like. Read more

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Ovarian Cancer Post 2

Few Warning Signs
Like most cancers, the best weapon in battling ovarian cancer is early detection. In fact, if the cancer is diagnosed while still contained within the ovary, 95 percent of women will survive longer than five years with appropriate medical treatment. Unfortunately, only about 25 percent of women with ovarian cancer have their cancer detected while it’s still in such an early stage. Read more

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Ovarian Cancer Post 1

Philosophically, treating ovarian cancer is a little like looking at a glass that’s been filled to the halfway point. Is it half full or half empty?

Researchers have made great strides in developing drug therapies to extend the lives of women with epithelial cancer, the most common type of ovarian cancer. And they’ve made great strides in improving the quality of women’s lives during therapy. But for the majority of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer, there is no cure. Not yet. Read more

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Heartworm Disease

What causes heartworm disease?

Heartworm disease is caused by Dirofilaria immitis — a parasite that is distributed worldwide and infects many species, including dogs, cats, ferrets, foxes, horses, and even humans. Dogs are usually the main carriers of this parasite. The life cycle of D. immitis has two stages, one primarily in the dog and one in the mosquito. This parasitic organism has an indirect life cycle, meaning that it needs both life cycle stages to perpetuate itself. Other affected species usually act as end hosts, and they can experience clinical problems from the presence of the adult worms in their bloodstream. Read more

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Alcoholic Beverages and Hidden Carcinogens

Did you know that alcoholic beverage you’re hoisting is considered a known carcinogen by the National Toxicology Program’s 9th Report on Carcinogens 2000? Read more

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Homeopathy to the Rescue

Any weary mom who has been up night after night frantically trying to pacify her fretful infant can tell you that infantile colic is one of the most trying conditions for baby and parent alike. Somewhere between the ages of two to twelve months, your good-natured baby may suddenly develop a pattern of inconsolable crying in the early evening. This fussing is a spontaneous response to intense, spasmodic pains caused by contraction of the hollow organs in the abdomen. Pulling the legs up or arching backwards during an attack is a sure indication of this persistent condition. Read more

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A Lesson in Breast Feeding Post 2

It’s not that commercial infant formula isn’t reliable for adequate growth and development. But, says Dr. Ronald Kleinman, M.D., former head of the Committee on Nutrition at the American Academy of Pediatrics, “as much as technology has been able to approximate the benefits of breast milk in formula, there remain differences between the two whose significance is not understood.” Read more

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A Lesson in Breast Feeding Post 1

Woman breast-feeding It’s supposed to be the most natural thing in the world. But many people — new mothers, meddling mothers-in-law, and even many doctors — have misconceptions about breast-feeding. Natural though it may be, it still requires some instructions. How prepared are you to breast-feed, or to give advice to a mother-to-be?

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Understanding the Costs

“Depending on the circumstances, adoption can cost less than $2,500 -but anticipating expenses of $25,000+ may be more relaistic”

Estimated Adoption Expenses:
(Source: National Adoption Information Clearinghouse)
Domestic Public agency Adoptions ($0 – $2,000+) provide the lowest cost option for adoption and typically place only hard to place or “special needs” children. Upfront fees rarely exceed $2,500 and many states will reimburse a significant portion of that amount. Because of the potential for these chidren to require special care, federal or state subsidies may be available to help cover ongoing expenses.
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