Getting the word out about new classes or your entire group exercise program is an important factor in keeping it well-attended. In addition to one or two schedule boards up in your facility, and fliers at the front desk, there are other ways to promote your classes.

One important marketing tool is your front desk staff. They should know each week’s schedule, along with any changes, and have quick access to upcoming events and classes. Members will regularly call or ask about the schedule, and prospective members are often interested in what type of classes you offer. If your main member contacts don’t have the information, you could be losing members.

Another important marketingtool is your website. Keep a regularly updated group exercise schedule on your website, and make sure your members know that it’s there.

Instructor cross-promotion can bring participants from one class to another. This only works if your instructors are kept informed about what else your club offers, and if they are encouraged to attend other classes.

Finally, you could organize a promotion to hype your group exercise program. Offer introductory classes once a month, or give out prizes to members who attend a certain number of classes. Make your program new and exciting, even for members who have been attending classes for years.

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