Ken’s Journal: Week 5. Part 2

You started to count calories the week you were sick — you averaged about 1,000 calories a day. I guess that cold medicine really took away your appetite! I would rather you not regularly eat that little — your body will use up muscle mass as well as fat with that few calories. You could eat 1,600 to 1,800 calories and still lose weight if you exercise regularly. So, keep planning, counting and moving — and you will continue to be successful!


Armand’s Reply


You’ve forgotten to send along your exercise log detailing what you did for the week. From your journal entry, it sounds like you are doing fairly well on the exercise front. Plus, you have something to show for it: weight loss!

I’m glad to hear that you found an exercise partner — that will help keep you motivated and interested in the activity. It’s also terrific that you are playing sports with your friend’s son. Even if you can’t keep up with his energy level, it’s great that you are making the effort. It’s not only good for your personal health but is also good for your relationship with your friend’s son. You’re giving quality time to him and serving as a healthy role model. Nice work!

Now that exercise is getting easier, use the momentum to up your frequency, duration and intensity. Take it to the next level and see what payoffs await you.

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