Ken’s Journal: Week 5. Part 1

plan, though I did stray a little. I lost another 3 pounds. I picked up the pace on my fitness this week as well. It’s starting to get a bit easier to do all the exercises I want and need to do.

They say it takes about 21 days to develop a habit, and I’m starting to get use to the food I am eating (meaning healthier food and not quite as much).

If I had to grade myself this week, I’d give myself a C-plus to a B-minus. I could have been better. But I did catch and stop myself a few times when I was about to eat something I shouldn’t have.

I’ve been walking with a lady friend more. And I’ve made a point of doing my version of soccer and football with her son. It’s not a whole lot more than just kicking a soccer ball around and throwing a football, but it gets me moving.

Sharon’s Reply

Hi Ken!

Congratulations on your continued weight loss — 15 pounds now! I like your effort to plan your week of eating ahead — it increases the chances you will be making better food choices. You can even recycle your food diaries — your planned menus can be your usual eating guides.

Yes, it takes about three weeks to change a behavior that is being reinforced, and eating is really a wide range of behaviors. The longer you stay on this new track, the more ingrained in your habits it becomes.

Every person should learn main first aid techniques. You never know when you may need them – you and your loved one could be on holiday, at school, at home, at work.

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