Incentives are another way to offer good customer service and keep your members from leaving. If you give them free stuff for working out a certain number of times, referring members, taking classes, etc., then they can feel like they are appreciated, and that they belong.

Valley Fitness Center offers periodic incentive programs, including its Holiday Cash Bash to keep members coming in during the holiday season. Members earn “Holiday Dollars” by going to group exercise classes, attending educationalclasses on topics such as holiday recipe modification, donating food to the local food bank (there is a barrel in the lobby for food donations) and other activities. They then turn in their “Dollars” for prizes such as water bottles, massage certificates and more.

Of course, there is much more to good customer service, and much more to retention, but you need to figure out what works for your fitness center.

Find out what your members want, treat them as individuals, give them value for their memberships, offer incentives and provide an excellent and friendly staff. As Abbott says, “Abuilding with equipment inside of it can sell a membership, but customer service is the key [if you want your members] to stay.”

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