IHRSA Unite to Recognize Industry Innovation and Growth

It can be said that the more bananas there are in the bunch, the harder it is to create unity. In the past couple of decades, our industry has grown to include a whole bunch of bananas, comprised of organizations, associations and individuals all working toward a common cause,yet all separate in their efforts.

But that is changing, and today we are seeing more and more alliances form. Thesealliances, through unity, cooperation and leverage, are what will ultimately make our industry a success.

Fitness Management and IHRSA haveformed one of the more recent alliances that will bring greater recognition to facilities that are working extra hard to grow our industry in both membership and professionalism. The alliance creates anall-new awardsnight at the2002 IHRSA International Convention &Trade Show in Phoenix, Ariz.In additionto receiving trophies and having storiesprinted about their innovations in the April2002 edition of Fitness Management, nova7award winners will
be recognized ata fun-filled evening under the stars, complete with food and socializing.The awards event will take place on Thursday, March 7th, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Outdoor Pavilion of the Phoenix Civic Plaza. AllIHRSA Convention and Trade Show attendeesare invited to the event, and of course, representatives from clubs that submit entries into the nova7awards program are encouraged to be there. Who knows,your club may be the winner!

This year marks the ninth year of thenova7awards. In the program’s past eight years, Fitness Managementhas recognized 168 facilities for outstanding innovations. Each of these winners, while just one banana in the bunch, have boosted the morale of its facility and the facility’s members.

They have shown they care about providing a standard of care and service to their members, and they have brought prestige to the industry — our entire bunch.

Even if you don’t enter the nova7awards, we encourage you toattend the awards ceremony, as it will show your support toward industry progress. Plus, you’re likely to take away some valuable ideasto put into practice in your own club, by learningwhat other facilities are doing to creatively solve common problems, and how they succeeded at creating new and effective programs or services. (And, in some cases, a whole new facility.)

See you in March, and good luck to all the entrants!

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