Health & Fitness Exchange, Part 2

The Campin’ P.W. program surpassed both the expectations of the Health & Fitness Exchange and participants. The new emphasis on family teamwork proved so popular that attendance was double the previous years’.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the quality of the activities and the positive family atmosphere that it encouraged. Post-event evaluations showed that Fitness Works was the favorite station.

“Fifty-four percent of the adults and 46 percent of the children considered Fitness Works to be the best part of the day, while 37 percent of the parents and 33 percent of the kids were most impressed by the Living Laboratory,” noted health and fitness specialist Jessica Stevens.

“These two exercise-related stations captured the attention and imagination of the participants, while imparting the gift of knowledge in an exciting and fun way.”

Campin’ P.W. proves that today’s children are interested in fitness and learning how the human body functions during physical activity. While it may seem that young people are becoming more sedentary each year, the experience at Campin’ P.W. suggests that children just need a bit of encouragement and knowledge to become more active. PaineWebber’s Health & Fitness Exchange has shown that it may only take a fun afternoon to get the ball rolling.

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