Eye Donation

You can help find a cure for glaucoma. There is no substitute for human tissue. Donated eye tissue is used for education and research at laboratory and clinical research institutes throughout North America and Europe. This research provides a better understanding of glaucoma, helps develop more effective treatments and makes earlier diagnosis possible.

People with glaucoma play a vital role by donating their eyes to support this research. Without their participation, most of the current research would not be possible.

Becoming an Eye Donor
Q: Will my family or I have to pay for the donation?
A: No. There is no cost to the donor or their family.

Q: What about religious beliefs and organ donations?
A: Most major religions support the concept of donation for the advancement of medical science and for providing better lives for future generations. If you have any specific questions, please contact your local religious institution.

Q: Will an eye donation delay my funeral or cause disfigurement?
A: There is no deformity of the donor when the eye tissue is removed. Funeral including viewing, arrangements, may proceed as planned without delay or interruption.

Q: I have had many surgeries, including cataract removal. Are my eyes still useful in research?
A: Anyone can be a donor, including people who have lost eyesight to glaucoma, had cataracts, surgeries, implants or other treatments. Researchers need all types of tissue to study the effect of glaucoma on the eye.

It is essential that you share basic information about your health conditions and the name of your eye-care professional with your immediate family members, because they will need to provide this information to the hospital, funeral home and the eye bank coordinating the donation.

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