Erin’s Journal Week Seven


I wish I could say this has been a good week for me. After not feeling well for several weeks, I visited the doctor’s office and have been found to have a sinus infection. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. I spent most of this week curled up at home, with no energy to do anything.

Armand, I only went on one walk for 30 minutes this week. I’m hoping that I’ll start to feel better, and I plan to go out this evening and actually work out. I’ve been a little light-headed when getting up. I have persuaded my boyfriend to start learning line dancing, so we’re going to start going out twice a week and will hopefully add more dance time.

Sharon, you’d be proud of me: I did salmon for dinner last night, and I can’t even remember the last time I did beef. I did eat some ice cream. We went to Reno for the night and ordered a banana split to share. Does that count towards fruit?

I’m doing well with fruit during the week. We’ve even had veggies a couple of nights. Tonight we’re having corn and trout for dinner. I’ll try and do better next week with keeping track. This week has been sort of a blur for me. I’m still at 207 pounds, so while I’m not losing, I’m not gaining either. I take that as a good sign.

I’m hoping that the antibiotics will help the infection. The doctor also recommended vitamins, so I’ve started taking those. I can only hope that they help me. It’s been a rather difficult couple of months of not feeling well and hoping that someone can tell me why. So I will make it my goal to get some additional exercise and keep track of what I eat.

Sharon’s Reply

A banana split is not really a nutritionist’s idea of increasing the fruit in your diet! I do, however, see constant improvement in your food choices for the rest of the week.

I am glad that you have discovered the reason why you have not been feeling too well. When you are ill, you may not have the mental or physical energy to make healthy food choices. Comfort foods takes priority, and they do make you feel better temporarily.

The nutritional quality of your diet is important for fighting infections, though, and building up a healthy immune system and healing. Keep this in mind as you choose more fruits, vegetables and low-fat protein foods. A basic multi-vitamin is a good insurance policy.

As you start to feel better, I hope that you will be more consistent in your food choices and exercise.

Good luck this week.


Armand’s Reply


Sorry to hear about your sinus infection. It is frustrating to not feel well for an extended period of time. As you said, you start wondering what is wrong and when you will feel like your old self — more energetic and pain-free. At least you have identified the infection and are taking measures to treat it.

Do not feel guilty about not exercising more than the one walk this past week. Your body needed the additional rest to combat the infection, which can zap your energy.

On a positive note, it sounds like you are making efforts to get back into your regular exercise program. Just remember to take it easier this week — overdoing it too soon can make you vulnerable to falling sick again.

I am glad your boyfriend has agreed to join you in line dancing — and twice a week! That should add some terrific activity into your life on a consistent basis, and it will be fun, too. Of course, continue to stick to the exercises I prescribed to you as well. The combination promises great rewards.

Take care, Erin, and good luck getting back on track.


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