Color Therapy

Color therapy has been used for ages. Even in conventional medicine the color pattern in hospitals and doctors offices are often picked to soothe and calm.

For some reasons as simple as a condition called “White Coat Hypertension.” WCH is a condition a patient exhibits only when visiting the doctor. This often dissipates if a physician is in street clothes or the color of the room is a warm blue or green.

In New Age healing, color therapy is used much like the same principals as all other alternative medicine, bringing the body as a whole to wellness. It is used to soothe, calm and bring about emotional and spiritual well being, with the thought that color has magical, even mystical, healing powers when used correctly.

How color therapy is used:

Only those who are knowledgeable about which colors to use and how to use them should use this therapy. Certain illnesses respond to different colors, and the wrong mixture can actually cause harm rather than the expected healthy responses. Here is one example of wrong color mixtures. Epileptics do not respond well to the flashing colors of red and yellow, and mixed it may bring about a seizure or seizure-like activity in the brain.

Each color has its own vibration, or energy source, that should correspond with the patient illness or wellness. Overexposure to any one color may cause side effects as mentioned earlier. So again to reiterate only an experienced color therapist would know how to handle this.

Red is one of the strongest colors in the spectrum. If overexposed it can increase anxiety and agitation. Often used to treat open wounds, cancer and blood disorders. It contains a strong power and vitality.

Black is used to achieve wisdom, to become at one with God. It is not commonly used.

Blue is the color of calmness and harmony. It is often used for anxiety, nosebleeds and nervous conditions. Overexposure may cause the opposite effect.

Orange is used for energy, often to help those with fertility problems. It helps to increase sexual vitality, kidney ailments and gastric disorders. It is a strong color, so again too much exposure can cause agitation.

Green is a calming color, often used for emotional well being. It is also used as a pale color in birthing rooms to create an atmosphere of tranquility.

Remember overexposure to any one color can cause adverse effects. These are a few of the basic colors that are used. They are used in varying degrees and shade to produce the wanted effect. A person should sit in a room, comfortable and relaxed as in a premeditative state, and absorb the color introduced for a varying amount of time as told by a therapist.

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