Club’s Solution, Part 2

Boot Camp. This class had a military theme, from the camouflage decorations and outfits, to music from the Village People (“In The Navy”). Nets, Army duffel bags and Army rations decorated the room, and promotional signage throughout the club read, “We Want YOU to come to the Tag Team class,” and depicted a large finger pointing. “We held this class around Memorial Day, tying in the patriotic feel and USA spirit,” says Corbett.

Fiesta Tag Team. “Latin music is very popular, and [we had] a hit [with] our Fiesta Tag Team class,” says Corbett. Sombreros, crepe paper and pinatas adorned the room, and light refreshments were served, including sangria punch (fruit juice and Crystal Light), fat-free tortilla chips and salsa.

Beach Party. This class playedBeach Boys music, and people actually sang along. Beach towels, beach chairs, sunglasses and paper mache suns decorated the room, and sliced fresh fruit was served afterward.

Tag Team Goes to the Movies. Corbett explains, “We chose music from favorite movie soundtracks for this one. A local video rental store donated the large promotional movie release posters for our decorations. We also hung videocassette boxes from the ceiling.” Popcorn was available during “intermission” (when instructors or classformats changed), and at the end of “the show.”

Plans for future Tag Team classes at Westmoreland Athletic Club include a country/western theme with music from country artists. Decor will include hay bales and cowboy hats. A Disco Day will feature “glitter and glitz” and include neon lights, a strobe light, a disco ball and music from the late ’70s.

Also, a Halloween party will have instructors in costume, and class participants whowear a costume, festive T-shirt or any type of mask will be awarded a treat. Also, a club water bottle will be given to anyone who participates.

Corbett offers advice for clubs who want to increase their group exercise participation numbers by beginning such a program: “Using your imagination, the possibilities keep growing. [Our program] started out with lower participation, but it is growing. About two weeks before the class, signs are posted throughout the club advertising the class. Instructors announce at their classes when the next Tag Team will be held. Members are encouraged to bring a friend. The class is open to all of our members, regardless of the type of membership they have. (This encourages membership upgrades.) The atmosphere in the classes is exciting and motivating, even for those not brave enough to enter!”

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