Change and Challenge. Part 4


More than ever, clubs are beginning to address attrition issues through increased use of technology. A growing number of clubs are using computers to check members in, as well as to increase their marketing efforts by tracking items such as the time of day members use the facility, or types of services used most. By and large, clubs are now using computers to differentiate who their best members are and where referrals are coming from.

Once this information is gathered, clubs can use it in direct mail campaigns or to promote pro-shop sales. As any consultant will tell you, customer satisfaction is crucial to a clubs’ bottom line, as it costs four to five times as much to acquire a new customer than to keep a current one.

New profit centers

Finding new ways to increase the bottom line is also becoming increasingly important. Clubs can look at ways to beef-up traditional profit centers, such as pro shops and juice bars, and/or create new ones such as personal training programs, seminars programs or new classes like group cycling, which can be offered for an additional charge. Clubs are also looking at unbundling price memberships — offering different membership packages for use of specific programs.

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