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Doctor On-the-Spot Treatment for Acne

For instant emergency care, place an ice cube on deep, painful pimples for two minutes to reduce their inflamed appearance.
Apply an eye drop product like Visine to help reduce the redness. Read more

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Symptoms of Fibroids

A majority of women with fibroids never experience any symptoms. It is only when their physician feels a fibroid manually during a pelvic exam that they learn of their existence. Symptoms do occur in 10 to 40 percent of patients. However, it is important to remember that not all symptoms are caused by fibroids, even if fibroids are known to be present. Read more

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Writing for Better Health, Part 2

Before you start writing, set the mood for inner exploration. Take a few moments to relax, get centered and become aware of what you are experiencing internally. You may want to play some favorite relaxing music, do yoga and breathing exercises, or pray before you start. Try to suspend judgement and self-criticism, and allow your thoughts and feelings to flow unrestricted onto the page. You will often be delighted and surprised by the wisdom and insight that you possess about yourself and your smoking. Read more

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Writing for Better Health, Part 1

Keeping a journal is a healthy substitute for smoking, and a very effective self-help tool. Current research reveals that keeping a journal is not only good for your soul, but good for your health as well. Writing in personal journals and diaries is an ancient activity. Much of our understanding about everyday living, historical events, and philosophies comes from journals dating as far back as the Greek and Roman eras. St. Augustine, Leonardo da Vinci, Charles Darwin and Winston Churchill all kept personal journals. Read more

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Preparing Your Nursery. Part 3

A changing table isn’t often a “must have,” but it is a nice thing! Changing tables are high enough so you don’t have to bend over, and often there are straps so the baby can’t fall off. You will find that babies get very wiggly when it comes time to change diapers! Read more

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Preparing Your Nursery. Part 2


Another necessary will be bottles. Even if you plan to breastfeed, it will be nice to have some bottles handy in case you go out for the evening and want to save some breastmilk for a sitter to feed the baby. Read more

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Preparing Your Nursery. Part 1

About seven months into a pregnancy, the mother-to-be usually starts to panic. Does she have everything she needs in case the baby is early? First time moms are the most notorious for this! Most moms will start stocking up and setting up some time before the birth… it’s called “nesting.” And there are some essentials that are needed (or just nice to have) when the baby is born. Read more

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The ABCs of CPR

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, is the treatment used when a person’s heart and lungs stop working. It is a serious matter, so before you attempt CPR, take a CPR training course. You will find that CPR procedures differ depending on the age of the victim. Read more

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Osteoporosis in Black Women

Q.I’m a 42-year-old black woman who entered menopause at a very early age. I just stopped hormone replacement therapy after eight years. Do I really need HRT? I hated the side effects and risks of taking it. I know of no black women who have osteoporosis. What is the incidence of osteoporosis in black women? Read more

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Preventing Stroke

While physicians and scientists continue to make strides in treating stroke, your best defense is prevention. The best way to treat a stroke is to prevent it! Stroke is the most preventable of all medical catastrophes.
While physicians and scientists continue to make strides in treating stroke, your best defense is prevention. Talk to your doctor about the following risk factors:

Age — Your risk for stroke doubles each decade after age 35, and most strokes occur after age 65.

High blood pressure — Nearly 70 percent of stroke victims have high blood pressure.

Irregular heartbeat –About 15 percent of patients have atrial fibrillation, a condition that can cause an irregular heartbeat. When treated, the risk of stroke for this group declines by as much as 70 percent.

Atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and heart disease — The buildup of cholesterol inside arteries is a leading cause of stroke and heart attack.
Smoking — Smoking, among other harmful effects, accelerates the buildup of cholesterol in arteries.

Diabetes –Diabetes prevents patients from processing fat as efficiently as possible, which can lead to heart problems and increased risk for stroke.
Race — For reasons that are unclear, African-Americans have one of the highest stroke rates in the world.

Use of birth control pills — While stroke in young women is unusual, use of birth control pills combined with smoking or other risk factors can heighten a woman’s risk.

There are many important steps that people can take to help prevent a first stroke or to prevent a recurrence. Healthy lifestyle choices are an especially important way to help prevent a stroke. People should keep their weight down by adhering to low-fat diets. Individuals should not smoke or stop smoking if they do. It is helpful to undergo regular screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar according to a doctor’s recommendations. If one is on medication, especially for high blood pressure, he/she should be sure to take it exactly as directed.

Snoring can sometimes be associated with a sleep disturbance that predisposes to stroke and heart attack. This is particularly true in overweight men. If one’s bed-partner snores excessively, seems to gasp for air or appears to stop breathing, he/she should ask a doctor to consider obtaining a sleep study.

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