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Total Fitness for Surfing Part 3

However, paddling a surfboard differs from swimming in some fundamental ways. One difference is that the motion of paddling is altered by the presence of the board beneath you and its shape. Another way is that you are not immersed in the water as completely when paddling a board and are subject to wind resistance, which can either assist your paddling speed or retard it. Read more

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Total Fitness for Surfing Part 2

Taking off on the wave requires fast paddling, timing, balance and wave knowledge. Riding the wave requires balance and, on long rides, leg endurance. Doing moves such as cutbacks, off the lips, etc requires coordination, skill and strength and flexibility, especially in the back, abdominals and legs. Read more

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Total Fitness for Surfing Part 1

At first glance, many surfers and surfing fans may think this article is superfluous, that surfing itself gives complete fitness. However, an examination of the components of surfing performance shows many aspects of fitness are required, but not all of these are efficiently developed by only surfing. Read more

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