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Getting the word out about new classes or your entire group exercise program is an important factor in keeping it well-attended. In addition to one or two schedule boards up in your facility, and fliers at the front desk, there are other ways to promote your classes. Read more

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Stretching Performance

You might say that flexibility is the step-child of fitness. While it is one of the three basic fitness components, it is overlooked by recreational and competitive athletes alike. Most club members do not have to be convinced of the importance of strength training or cardiovascular exercise, but many must continually be reminded of the need to stretch their muscles before and after exercise. Read more

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Inspections Are Not Optional

Michael Burkart was injured when he fell from a Gravity Gym, on which he wasexercising while hanging upside down. He filed suit against Health and Tennis Corporation of America, alleging, among other things, negligence for failure to properly inspect the Gravity Gym. Testimony by an employee stated that she personally inspected the Gravity Gym daily. Further, the piece of equipment was listed on the maintenance list, indicating that it had been inspected. Also, inspection after the incident showed that the Gravity Gym was in good repair. The Texas court ruled for the fitness facility, finding there was no negligence. Read more

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Give These Points Some Thought Before You Bring a Puppy Home

Eνеrу kid desires a puppy tο Ɩіkе. Thе soft furry bundles nuzzling thеіr leg οn a сοƖԁ winter’s night аrе hard tο resist. Sο іt’s hard tο ѕау nο whеn уου look іntο those sad small eyes, thе pouting smile, thе small whimper οf tears, thе puppy’s nοt thе child’s. Read more

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A Dancer’s Stretch for the Hip Flexors

I have been watching a lot of television lately. I am held captive to federal election coverage in the United States and Canada, and developments in Israel and Palestine. Couple the time spent in front of the television with the time spent in front of my steering wheel for hours on end in eight-lane traffic and I have the perfect recipe for helping to avoid tight hip flexors and a shrinking posture.

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Total Fitness for Surfing Part 3

However, paddling a surfboard differs from swimming in some fundamental ways. One difference is that the motion of paddling is altered by the presence of the board beneath you and its shape. Another way is that you are not immersed in the water as completely when paddling a board and are subject to wind resistance, which can either assist your paddling speed or retard it. Read more

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Total Fitness for Surfing Part 2

Taking off on the wave requires fast paddling, timing, balance and wave knowledge. Riding the wave requires balance and, on long rides, leg endurance. Doing moves such as cutbacks, off the lips, etc requires coordination, skill and strength and flexibility, especially in the back, abdominals and legs. Read more

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Total Fitness for Surfing Part 1

At first glance, many surfers and surfing fans may think this article is superfluous, that surfing itself gives complete fitness. However, an examination of the components of surfing performance shows many aspects of fitness are required, but not all of these are efficiently developed by only surfing. Read more

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Pressure to Win

At the professional level, sports are more than a game … it is a business. Owners, managers, coaches and players often do whatever it takes to win. Some of their tactics are very imaginative, while others are merely dishonest. Read more

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Rock Steady With Indoor Climbing Gyms Get Inside and Climb!

Tired of climbing the walls and not getting anywhere? Want to learn how to climb or simply want to improve your skills?

Try an indoor rock climbing gym! Indoor rock climbing gyms are arriving all across America and fitness enthusiasts seeking a new type of workout are embracing them. Beginners are trying to get a feel for rock climbing indoors before tackling the great outdoors, and experienced climbers are seeking a new environment to perfect their skills. Read more

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