Bruce’s Journal: Week Seven. Part 3

As far as the weight loss experience right after exercise, it is true that you will lose a lot of water. That’s why it is important that you properly rehydrate yourself after an intense bout of exercise. Water is the best beverage, of course. Drink more than you think you need.

As for stretching in the middle of your runs, as long as you feel good and it refreshes you, that is fine. Just don’t stop for more than one minute. Most importantly, keep stretching at the end of your runs

To combat the sleep problem, try exercising earlier in the day. Also, try relaxation techniques just before bed, such as a warm bath, slow stretches or an enjoyable book.

Regarding your weight-training routine, you need to start doing triceps exercises. Begin with one of my favorites: the triceps press down. Do this on a high pulley machine making sure to keep your elbows in against your body. Start with two sets of eight to 12 reps at an intensity that makes it a challenge to complete the reps.

Keep up the great work, Bruce. Your efforts are paying off.

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