Bruce’s Journal: Week Seven. Part 2

Hi Bruce,
Running really put you in a positive groove. It makes you feel good and energetic, and helps you resist the tempting, greasy, heavy food that is all around us. You’ve made excellent choices, from the Subway turkey sandwich to the Healthy Choice pizza and the chicken and rice dinner. However, screwdrivers are not the recommended form of rehydration after exercise!

Yes, running is a great calorie burner, and the longer you run, the more body fat you burn. That 2 pound weight loss after the run is water weight. For every pound lost, you need to drink 2 cups of water as soon as possible. It also is important to have some carbohydrate at that time to replenish muscle glycogen stores, so your next day of exercise goes just as well. The real weight loss, fat, will happen metabolically as the days go by. Long distance runners also lose muscle mass, so you need to be sure to do the strength training also.

Keep up the great work. You must look different with about a 10-pound weight loss.


Armand’s Reply

Your roll continues! Great job. It sounds like you found a super combination with swimming and jogging. We might have to consider entering you in a triathlon!

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