Bruce’s Journal: Week Seven. Part 1

I spent most of my week focused on running. I have always enjoyed the activity but for a great deal of last year, my knees were not up to it. But now, it seems like the most effective way to burn calories. And it seems to work. I ran about 30 miles last week and swam close to two. By the end of the week my weight was at 209 pounds, and on Friday night after my run, my weight was down to 206.5 pounds, due to water loss. I have found that after an hour of exercise, my weight decreases, without fail, by about 2 pounds. I always knew this was true, but in the past I had never bothered weighing myself before and after exercise.

I also discovered the benefit of stretching during exercise. Every 15 minutes during my hour run I take a minute out to stretch. This refreshes me and makes completing the run somewhat easy. I also stretch after running and have found that my legs are not fatigued the next day. This is a habit I had never engaged in before, but now I am a firm believer in it.

The one problem with the exercise is that it interferes with my sleep. Unfortunately, I find that even if I quit exercising by 8 p.m., I am still unable to go to sleep comfortably by 1 a.m. I often wake up during the night, not from pain, but just because my body seems to wake up. Also, waking up in the morning is a dreadful experience and takes a great deal of will power. The tragedy of this is augmented by the fact that I have all but given up coffee and cigarettes.

My eating went well last week and I was quite proud of myself. Even while out with my friends, tempted with steak and lots of fried food, I ate grilled chicken and rice. I did partake of the tortilla chips, but this is Texas and you can’t live in Texas without tortilla chips and salsa.

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