Bringing Wellness to Life. Part 4

This approach works well and opens the door to the program’s sponsoring club to create new relationships with employers who may be interested in investigating the level of success that their corporation has experienced with its currently contracted club, based on what they were promised by the club while they were negotiating the corporate memberships. It is usually a miserable conclusion. The solution for health clubs that have corporate memberships is to simply say what you mean and mean what you say. If a facility isn’t living up to its promises, then that that should be addressed and changed. The day of the “bait and switch” corporate membership program is gone.

A facility that wants to make a real impact through wellness should also offer open houses or workshops for interested individuals and corporations about the program and its potential impact on participants’ lives. The rewards are great for both the facility that creates the wellness campaign and for the participants. Make wellness come to life in your community!

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