Bringing Wellness to Life. Part 3

s an example of the kind of support a corporate wellness program can attract, these programs have attracted Andria Elam, the reigning Miss San Diego, to serve as the programs’ official spokesperson, and internationally renowned wellness expert, Dr. Harold Elrick, M.D., F.A.C.P. who will serve as official medical director. And a program participant who is a community relations specialist for a local medical center allowed me to use her quote to lend support to the program. Her quote has been very valuable in gaining support from the medical community. She said, “This is an excellent program for people who have not been exercising regularly! I have recently started an exercise program and I feel much better physically. I am now able to do things with much more stamina, I feel better mentally and I have more energy. I highly recommend The Wellness Wakeup Challenge! and encourage everyone to get involved!” The program is also receiving editorial coverage by the largest newspaper in the city and other smaller local newspapers.

Overcoming a common obstacle
One of the obstacles to corporate wellness programs are corporations who already have “corporate memberships” with local health clubs. The point of “The Wellness Wakeup Challenge!” is to accomplish what some health clubs claim that they are going to accomplish, but don’t. The two key selling points to corporations who already have corporate memberships with health clubs are as follows:
1. This program only targets sedentary individuals. Each applicant must qualify as truly sedentary in order to participate. When they respond, they first sit down and complete the qualifying questionnaire. If they don’t qualify, they may not participate.
2. This is a six-month program and not a membership.

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