Bringing Wellness to Life. Part 2

The fitness business will always attract people who want to exercise, and there is no reason to forego that market in favor of the markets that need to exercise. A facility simply needs to retool their philosophy and evaluate their current equipment and program offerings to be sure that they are reaching these other markets.

Moving into the wellness market
With a wellness program, a facility can open many doors that will never be opened through traditional industry offerings. In my article in Fitness Management Magazine, Leveraging the Deconditioned Market (Mar. 2000), I outline a comprehensive marketing and promotional concept that can help any facility hit the wellness market quickly and powerfully.

Other examples of how to move into the wellness marketplace can be found online at by entering the links to The Bonita Athletic Club and The Westside Athletic Club. These clubs are featuring two of my programs: The Wellness Wakeup Challenge! and The Executive Wellness Wakeup Challenge! The information online will give you an overview of the programs and the target audiences being pursued.

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