Bringing Wellness to Life. Part 1

As the deconditioned, aging and corporate populations move closer to center stage in our industry, the time has come for many facility owner/operators to pause and reflect on their mission statement, as well as their target audience. A quick trip to the Center for Disease Control’s website ( reveals the urgent need for brand-new programs to answer the specific needs of these three significant markets. As I have mentioned in a previous article, The Golden Opportunities — Non Traditional Markets (copy available upon request), the retention numbers for the newer wellness providers vs. the traditional fitness providers is dramatic. Many of these wellness providers have retention rates of 80 percent vs. approximately 50 percent for the average fitness providers.

In bringing wellness to life, a facility operator creates one of the best win-win scenarios that any business could ever participate in. The sedentary, aging and corporate communities are in desperate need of programs and facilities that provide them with opportunities to effect the lifestyle changes that will help them circumvent many types of catastrophic illness and, in many cases, even prevent premature death.

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