Athletes Foot. Tinea Pedis

Tinea pedis, commonly known as Athlete’s Foot, is a fungal infection in the skin of the feet. Tinea is actually Latin for “worm,” and all varieties of tinea are collectively known as ringworm. The organisms that cause Athlete’s Foot are from the Fungus family, which includes yeasts, molds, and mushrooms.

Tinea pedis is caused by a variety of fungi, such as Trichophyston rubrum, Trichophyston mentagrophytes, and Epidermophyston floccosum. The fungi are omnipresent (found everywhere), and no explanation is known for why some people get infections from them and some do not.

The best over-the-counter treatment for Athlete’s Foot is Lotrimin cream. Some people have recurring outbreaks of Athlete’s Foot, as the fungus is often known to stay in the skin indefinitely despite the lack of symptoms. For people who suffer regularly from this condition, an anti-fungal foot powder may be very helpful. Most fungi like moist, warm conditions, especially those that cause Athlete’s Foot. When you must wear running shoes or dress shoes, powder your feet before putting on your socks. Even baby powder will help, even though it has no fungi-fighting ingredients, because it keeps your feet dry. Spreading powder inside your shoes every once in a while may also help. Some people even recommend alternating the shoes you wear to allow them to dry completely before wearing them again.

Quick Tips for Prevention:

* Wear only socks made from 100% cotton.
* Go barefoot as much as you can at home.
* Where sandals or open-toed shoes whenever possible.
* Dry your feet thoroughly after showering, including between the toes.

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