A Dancer’s Stretch for the Hip Flexors

I have been watching a lot of television lately. I am held captive to federal election coverage in the United States and Canada, and developments in Israel and Palestine. Couple the time spent in front of the television with the time spent in front of my steering wheel for hours on end in eight-lane traffic and I have the perfect recipe for helping to avoid tight hip flexors and a shrinking posture.

Sitting for extended periods of time results in a body that feels old beyond its years. When the lower back tends to ache and the muscles surrounding the hip region feel as though they have endured a Trans-Atlantic flight crammed tightly in the rear of coach during the Christmas rush, it is time to remedy the feeling with the following exercise. I’d like to recommend a little secret: stretch your hip flexors daily so that they don’t bunch up and cause you all sorts of ailments. I am a dancer (I was schooled in overcoming muscle aches) and would like to share this pain prevention tactic with you. Here is a time efficient, body friendly stretch created by Kinesiology professor at the University of Utah, Dr. Sally Fitt.

TV Stretch: (the exercise was “invented” while lying in front of the television one night, thus the name)
Lie on your right side propping your head up with your right arm

Cross the left foot over the right thigh (just above the knee) and place it on the floor to anchor you

Bend the right knee so the heel comes up toward buttocks

Take hold of the right ankle with the left hand (without releasing the lower back)

Pull the right foot with the left hand (contracting the stomach muscles)

Hold the stretch for at least 30 seconds

Repeat on the left side with the left leg bent and held by the right hand

Whether you’re hooked on “Who Wants To Be a Millionaire,” or listening to NPR, take the down time to elongate the hip flexors. Your lower back and pelvis will thank you for it!

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